"With the Brain Integration, I have seen a huge difference with my school work. I am now more focused, and no longer in need of ADD medication. My teachers have commented on my comprehension skills and how much better they are from before I left for March vacation. I am also a lot happier and more self-confident. I have been able to speak up more in class, and advocate for myself in better ways. I have also begun to use the information I have learned in class and apply it in tests and quizzes. Overall I am so glad I had my brain integrated because it has helped me so much, and without it I would not be able to move forward in my classes."

"My son has gained his confidence back and his success in school shows it, he has gone from C's and D's to A's". It's an amazing therapy with powerful and fast results."

"I am a Chiropractor that has been practicing for 20+ years. Seven years ago I fell 30 feet off a mountain in Colorado. I had multiple physical injuries along with a head injury/trauma. Initially I had considerable memory loss, some of that came back, but not all. Thru those 7 years, I have had treatment by numerous practitioners, from cranial sacral, massage, chiropractic, various energy workers. But my memory continued to fail. Along with that I also became more anxious, had more ADD/ADHD symptomology, and has almost a total loss of reading retention.

Brain Integration work was brought to me by a young woman patient of mine that had a head injury. I had never heard of it before, so I went online and learned about it. Then I had a couple of sessions with energy practitioners and they both brought up brain integration work. I started thinking, ok this is happening a lot, I probably should pay attention. Then at another gathering, Joellen walked up to me and gave me her card...ok I will listen now!

I believe I went through 12 hours of treatment over a 4 week period of time. I wanted this to work as fast as possible. I started with 1% of reading retention and at the 12th visit, I had about 80% retention. In my follow-up visit we did more work on my reading retention, and with some practice on my own, it should continue to improve.

I am very happy with the Brain Integration and working with Joellen. I have such a calm mind now, and it is such a pleasure to concentrate for more than a few minutes with out my mind wondering. I read a lot and it was getting more frustrating not knowing what I had just read. So to be able to read again is a miracle...and no medication needed!

I think everyone should go through this Brain Integration and every parent should have their children go through the program too. Their comprehension levels will just soar, not only in school but athletics, music, whatever they are involved in."

"My son's reading comprehension, spelling, balance and coordination have all improved after receiving BIT from Joellen . He shows more confidence in school and sports."

"I have been working with Joellen for several months now and what an incredible healer. The combination of her work, crossinology blended with the central inner alignment process has created a new me. I feel stronger, healthier, more balanced with my energy and allergy free."

"I brought my daughter to Joellen because her allergies were really bothering her. She was sneezing alot, and overall not feeling well. Joellen has helped her find relief and her symptoms have pretty much disappeared. We are both very appreciative of this since it was really affecting her in school and home. I have since brought my two other children to see her. One for allergies and the other for issues regarding school. Joellen has helped all of them in one way or another. I am very grateful to have met Joellen and to have her work her "magic" on my children.."

Thanks so much for healing my ankle! After a year of pain and constant re-injuring, I am finally pain free. My ankle feels stable even when I am doing the balancing poses during yoga and it doesn't hurt when wearing heels. You are amazing.

Joellen, the vibrational touch work you did to heal my back and neck was incredible. I feel grounded and completely aligned. My neck and back pain are gone and I feel lighter. What a fabulous job you did.

Since working with Joellen my reading comprehension, my confidence, my memory and my balance have all increased tremendously. I no longer have to re-read sections of books or text books in order to remember or understand what I had just read. Learning has become easier and a lot less frustrating. And my balance is now perfect, I am now able to do all of the yoga poses without falling over! Thank you Joellen for helping me with so many aspects of my life, your awesome!

I always feel so grounded and in my body after a Center Inner Alignment. Sometimes my days are so hectic I forget to take care of myself, but Joellen's work helps me remember how good I can feel and makes me want to continue feeling better. There is no quick fix for years of bad posture, but I can already see changes happening. When I've had the CIA combined with vibrational energy the results are even more dramatic. How amazing that healing can be so non-invasive, and Joellen brings a sense of joy to her work, combined with determination to help as many people as she can.

Thank you for your gifted healing. As an adult with ADD, the BIT has helped me in many ways. For one thing, I am feeling calm. My racing mind is quieting down. As a result, my ability to meditate has improved. Most importantly, my focus has increased. In a recent class, I was able to focus on the speaker and took effective notes.

Not only has my attention increased, my memory has improved along with feeling centered and well balanced. As a result, I am feeling more confident. In addition, my sleep has improved. I am able to fall asleep easily without the side effects of stimulants.

I recommend Brain Integration for anyone wanting to feel calm, confident and focused. I believe everyone can benefit from BIT.

When I first read about Joellen's Center Inner Alignments, my first thought was maybe she can help me. I have lived with scoliosis my entire life and noticed it appeared to be getting worse with age. My right hip was much higher than my left hip and over the years I had developed pain in my spine as well. If I was walking and slipped I would immediately feel a sharp pain where the spine was curved.

Upon one session with Joellen I was amazed to see improvements with my scoliosis. When I returned home I looked in the mirror and kept turning side to side, checking out my hips and noticing that they were even for the first time in my life. The disfigurement was gone and so was the pain in my spine.

My husband was very surprised and astonished to see the improvement with my scoliosis too. I am very thankful for Joellen's gift of healing.

September 2010

My 12 year old son with auditory processing disorder recently completed the Brain Integration Technique with Joellen. From day one we were convinced that this whole experience was going to be incredible. He looked forward to each session with Joellen. We have seen many improvements in school already. He has struggled with vocabulary in the past, and now using Joellen's study method, he is memorizing dificult words and recalling them easily in class. Just today he got back a math test...and he was one of only two kids in the class to get 100% on this latest test. Of all the improvements I see, his confidence is the most important to me. It's wonderful to see your child proud of himself.

He is gleaming with pride lately with school and with football. I can't say enough about the entire experience with Joellen. My son enjoys Joellen so much, he says he would like to "see her everyday". She's planted a seed of confidence and brain power in him. That is a priceless gift! We still have weeks to notice changes, and we are excited to imagine what great things are next for him.

Thank you Joellen!!!

So let me give you a little bit of history about myself. For most of my life I've grown up with a lot of issues that I had found ways to adapt to. But was obviously never happy about. For years I've tried to fix them. YEARS! Some of which I did get taken care of along the way. But the one that always persisted, and held me back from so much in my life, was my speech problem. It wasn't a debilitating stutter, but it was enough to keep me from most activities, and constantly ate away at what little confidence I had left. Even simple things like making a phone call or reading out loud were mountains to over come. And this managed to snowball into other areas of my life consequentially killing my drive and ambitions.

When I finally met Joellen I was a wreck. I couldn't read out loud to save my life, and I would constantly have to circumlocute around words that challenged me. After a full session with Joellen, and a few "tune up" visits, I've gone from every sentence being a strategic battle, to becoming a straight A student in my oral communication (Public Speaking class). Yes ALL A's (OK so on A minus ;) ). Not to mention that after delivering one speech in particular, my professor told me that I had delivered the best speech he had ever heard in any of his classes. And he's been teaching for roughly 20+ years. ;). The rest of my schooling boasts similar grades, and my ability to participate in class is night and day compared to what it used to be. Getting me to shut up seems to be the problem now. But that's something I can live with.

All of this potential is inside you to. But there is often something holding us back that we just can never seem to place or figure out a way to change. Joellen, in addition to something else I was doing, has allowed me to reclaim my mind and world, and there for the way that I approach it. I'm so much more confident now as a result, and life only seems to be getting better.

I encourage you to put your faith in Joellen's ability and see what it can do for your life. Because I wouldn't have the one I do right now with out her.

Thanks a million Joellen