C   entral Inner Alignment (CIA) is a process of unification, not an adjustment. A high frequency of energy can be used to bring you out of stress/shock and gently align the spine within minutes. The muscles become toned but relaxed so bones are not being pulled out of position and in need of constant "adjusting." It helps to release deep muscle spasms that can cause many metabolic (diabetes, weight gain, allergies, migraines, asthma, autism, etc.) and autoimmune diseases (MS, lupus, arthritis), as well as structural problems: sprains, protruding discs, numbness, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, knee and back pain. Are you still suffering after trying various treatments? We tend to exert too much force on our muscles, or we don't move enough. Many "aerobic" exercises (are anaerobic because much of the oxygen doesn't reach the overtaxed muscles and lactic acid is produced causing the muscles to spasm), high/low temperatures, cracking the spine, kneading, pressing, jerking, pulling or stretching can cause surface muscles to tense up resulting in a release of endorphins (the "runner's high" is due to these natural painkillers as the body is actually being injured) so you feel better but the condition many worsen in the long run. Undetected muscle spasms may be the most underestimated, unknown, or untreated cause of pain and disease today.

When you are out of balance, very tense, weak, overly stressed, you move down into your lower brain function, becoming separated from your Source and the body goes out of alignment. Better than 90% of the brain's energy output is used to keep you upright. The CIA helps you to balance and connect with your Inner Power, which can heal virtually any ailment, and restore your emotional stability, joy, and spirit. It can be done in conjunction with a BEB, which helps you to discover what triggers a stress response (shock). The first CIA session begins with a consultation. Utilizing energy is gentle, easy, safe, fast, and the most natural form of healing, and unlike drugs, there are no side effects. We can rebuild your depleted energy, which is why you are sick or in pain. The number of sessions needed to hold the alignment, to heal, to rebuild your energy depends on how depleted it is and the disharmony in your life.

We use Body Alignment to restore your spine, brain hemispheres, and other key inner components to perfect balance. Our subconscious brain spends a lot of time and energy keeping us balanced and helping us move gracefully. When life's hard knocks throw us out of alignment, our brain has to work a lot harder than it should. Body alignment can ease that burden on your brain to restore your peace of mind. It may result in a boost of your spirit - giving you control over your ego and your emotions like never before.

Vibrational Touch stimulates the flow of energy and relieves tension by using a light motion over the muscles. It is a unique method that produces superb results. It's more than a massage. In this new form of healing, the muscles are not rubbed, kneaded, stroked, poked, or pummeled into submission. No need for messy oil and you are fully clothed. As muscle spasms are gently and instantly released, you will feel a very deep relaxation and inner peace.

For more information on CIA, please visit www.ehealing.us